Naked Melanesian Tribes in papua
Naked Melanesian Tribes in papua

You can trek to see many of these tribes and experience their way of life for yourself. Many of them continue to stick to their old ways, from using stone tools and hunting with bows and arrows. They are no stranger to moving through the thick vegetation and may even teach visitors a thing or two before they leave. You may be able to go on an expedition to see the tree people - the Korowai and Kombai people - or perhaps a picturesque trek up to see the Yali dwarf tribe. One look at a home built by one of the tree people will leave you absolutely stunned.

The world is constantly changing, and even Papua New Guinea cannot stop the march of modernization and encroachment upon the tribes who live here. Now is the time to visit Papua New Guinea and meet with the tribe people here before time changes their world. See a place that you'll want to tell your children and grandchildren about. Who knows what the future may hold when it comes to the hundreds of tribes in Papua New Guinea?

Many tribes are willing to perform some of their festivals and ceremonies in front of visitors, so be ready to document what you see because it's something you'll never want to forget. Dress in Papua New Guinea tribal ceremonies can include elaborate costumes made of carved wood, shell necklaces, fur hats, and woven materials. They may paint their faces and bodies in highly elaborate ways, each line and mark with specific meaning.


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